Jingyuan Muslim Meat Processing Factory, China

The Jingyuan Muslim Meat Processing Plant comprises slaughtering, cutting, de-boning, canning and processing lines as well as refrigeration and freezing equipment.

Client: China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC)

Production and Capacities
Capacity: 60 cattle per day

The cattle are slaughtered according to Muslim rites. After bleeding, hides, stomachs, internal organs, inedible meat and waste products are removed. The carcasses are transported by rail to the two carcass chill rooms. Red and white offal are transported by truck to the chill room for stomach, casings, pluck etc.

Cutting and de-boning
All carcasses are cut and de-boned after one day’s chill storage. All first grade meat, amounting to about two thirds of the output, is packed into cartons each weighing 25 kg.

Canning and consumer packing
The second-grade meat, amounting to about one third of the output from the cutting and de-boning is processed and consumer packed. Products are minced meat and various kinds of canned cube meat products.

The slaughterhouse is equipped with freezing and chilling facilities for carcasses, cartons of meat, stomachs and casings, hearts, livers, lungs, tongues and tails. There are three chill rooms, one 6 tonnes blast freezer and one 100 tonnes cold store.

INTERCOOL was responsible for the following with regard to the cattle slaughter line, including de-boning, cutting and canning as well as consumer packaging and auxiliary equipment:
  • Technological design
  • Supply of equipment
  • Supervision of the installation
  • Commissioning and test-run
  • Supply of spare parts for two years’ consumption