ALGERIA Two deboning and meat processing plants
Three chicken slaughterhouses
(turnkey contract)
Four chicken slaughterhouses
Luncheon meat canning plant
(all for Ministry of Agriculture)
Process cheese plant
ARMENIA Cold store (turnkey contract)
AUSTRALIA Wholesale meat market
BOTSWANA FAO training centre with slaughterhouse
CHINA Muslim cattle slaughterhouse
Three meat processing plants
Fish processing plant
Two integrated poultry projects
Cold store
DUBAI Refrigeration plant and rendering plant
(Dubai Municipality Slaughterhouse)
EGYPT Cattle, camel and sheep slaughterhouse
(Giza Governorate)
GREECE Meat processing plant
JAPAN Pig abattoir
JORDAN Cattle and sheep slaughterhouse
Cold Store
Chicken slaughterhouse
(all for Greater Amman Municipality)
KOREA Pig abattoir
cattle and pig abattoir

KUWAIT Cattle and sheep slaughterhouse
(Farwaniya Municipality)
MAURITANIA Cold store chain and fish processing plant
(turnkey project)
OMAN Camel, cattle and sheep/goat
slaughterhouse (Salalah Municipality)
SOMALIA Berbara cold store (turnkey supply)
(Ministry of Fisheries)
SAUDI ARABIA Meat processing plant (turnkey contract)
Chicken slaughterhouse (turnkey contract)
SUDAN Khartoum cattle and sheep slaughterhouse
(Ministry of Agriculture)
TAIWAN Pig abattoir
TURKEY Cattle and sheep slaughterhouse
(Istanbul Municipality)
Meat processing plant
Rendering plant
UKRAINE Meat processing plant (turnkey contract)
USSR Meat processing plant (turnkey contract)
VIETNAM Meat processing plant
YEMEN Renovation of four cold stores
(Ministry of Fisheries)
ZIMBABWE Cattle and sheep slaughterhouse
Cattle slaughterhouse
Sheep slaughterhouse
Cold store