The contract covered the turnkey supply and installation of three identical and highly automated poultry abattoirs for the slaughter of chicken and for production of poultry products.

Production and Capacity

The capacity of each of the projects is 1500 birds per hour.

Apart from reception, slaughtering, evisceration, cooling, refrigeration and packaging facilities for the birds, the plants are equipped with special equipment for the production of poultry products, such as:

  • Chicken patés (cooked and smoked)
  • Chicken sausages
  • Cooked meals


The waste products from the abattoirs are transported to the dry melters of the rendering plants where they are transformed into feed proteins.


As turnkey contractor, INTERCOOL was totally responsible for the project.

The supply comprised:

  • Engineering and design
  • All prefabricated building superstructures
  • All equipment
  • Shipping
  • Installation of buildings and equipment
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Training in Algeria as well as in Denmark.


  • Office Régional de l’Aviculture de l’Est (ORAVIE)
  • Office Régional de l’Aviculture de l’Oest (ORAVIO)
  • Both formely Office National des Aliments du Bétail (ONAB)