more than 60 years of experience

INTERCOOL is a Danish Company with more than 60 years’ experience in designing and supplying complete projects to the food industry.

Teknisk tegning


INTERCOOL is a contracting company operating world wide with the design and construction of all types of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants including cold stores, rendering plants, etc. INTERCOOL represents all aspects of the know-how which has made the Danish meat industry World-famous.

Through the years INTERCOOL has executed more than 200 projects all over the world, some of which are listed here.

World Map with operating places of Intercool


Let us help you create the complete project, that you need

"Our Cold Stores in Jeddah & Mecca built by INTERCOOL back in 1983 are functioning well untill now, thanks to your best design and workmanship"
Jose Victor
Manager, Al Nakhel Cold Stores

We'll meet your expectations

Projects undertaken by INTERCOOL will always meet the requirements and expectations of the Client, be it for a highly advanced meat processing plant or for a more simple plant catering for local needs.

INTERCOOL offers to supply complete solutions – directly toward the Client or as (nominated) sub-contractor to the Main Contractor – on one single contract, at a fixed price and at a fixed time.

This gives the Client or the Main Contractor the advantage of having only one equipment supplier to deal with.


We have a lot of experience​

INTERCOOL has gained experience in over 25 countries around the globe, including Vietnam, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Algeria, China, Greece, Sudan, Russia, Yemen, Australia and Japan.

We create state-of-the-art projects​

We are dedicated to develop state-of-the-art projects for a more efficient, safer and financially viable food processing.​

We see the big picture​

We turn food technology into a question of functional total service. We create value for you through delivery of efficient, reliable and innovative machinery and equipment.​

We know what is right for you

We know how to select the technology best suited in each particular case and the best principles within the Danish meat processing technology are always incorporated.​