Zimbabwe, Harare

The Cold Storage Commission (CSC) Harare Multi-Purpose Complex is comprised of a Local Sales Distribution and Processing facility, an Administration Block, an Engine Room Complex, Refrigeration, Distribution and Pet-food Facility.

Production and Capacity

The complex comprises the following facilities and capacities. Design throughput 1500 cattle carcasses per day.

Cold Storage

  • 3 – Carcass holding chillers 2°C
  • 6 – Carcass freezers -26°C
  • 2 – Blast freezers -26°C
  • 2 – Cold stores – cartons -18°


Refrigeration plant

  • 354 kW low stage screw compressors
  • 827 kW high stage screw compressors


The sawing room is designed for the production of “Trupac” economy and/or cut beef. Frozen beef quarters are initially broken down before being sawn by band saws. The beef is packed, weighed and labelled in packs of 0.4 kg.



  • Economy beef, 52500 packs of 0.4 kg, 21 tonnes per day
  • Cut beef, 5.3 tonnes per day


The boning room is designed for the production of chilled, boneless primal cuts packed in cartons for Government establishments and chilled boneless sub-primal cuts individually packed in portions for supermarkets.

Capacity: 100 quarters per day


Waste products from the CSC Harare Multi Purpose Complex and CSC abattoirs are used for the production of the pet-food brand “Rex Pet”. The frozen raw materials is flaked, rough minced, fine minced, sealed, baled, frozen and palletized.

Capacity: 10 tonnes per day

The Sales and Processing facility at the Complex serves the local market in the greater Harare area by supplying it with beef and processed products produced from beef and offal. Raw materials originate from the CSC abattoirs.

No slaughter takes place in the complex, as it is the principle of CSC to slaughter the animals where they are bred.

The project is funded by Commonwealth Development Corporation and European Investment Bank

The standard of the projects meets with the EEC regulations.


INTERCOOL was responsible for all equipment and materials imported into Zimbabwe for this project, viz. the refrigeration plant, the pre-fabricated panels for the cold rooms, the principal process equipment and the rendering plant.

Furthermore INTERCOOL was responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of:

  • The refrigeration plant and pipe work
  • Complete electric installations relating to the refrigeration plant
  • The under-floor heating cables
  • The under-floor insulation
  • All the prefabricated panel walls, ceilings and cold room doors
  • Services installations


Cold Storage Commission (CSC), Zimbabwe