This project concerned one of the most advanced and modern pig abattoir and meat processing plant in Japan. To comply with the demand for modernization of the Japanese meat industry, Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering Co. Ltd., Japan, the main contractor, contracted with INTERCOOL to design and install a complete new and modern slaughter plant.


An automatic overhead conveyor system transports the pigs all the way from the stunning trough the evisceration, preliminary inspection, de-hiding, automatic splitting, final inspection, chill tunnel, classification, equalizing and finally, to the primal cutting line.

At the primal cutting, de-boning and packaging line, the carcasses/primal cuts are transported on band conveyors.

For production planning, the slaughter line is equipped with a CIM system with computers, PLC processors, terminals and vision cameras for identification, sorting and classification of the carcasses.

The data for a carcass are recorded during the various processes on the line; all the way form the stunning area to the primal cutting area.


  • Slaughtering 150 pigs/hour
  • 5 cattle/hour
  • Cutting and de-boning: 150 pigs/hour
  • Blood treatment: 800 – 1400 kg/hour


INTERCOOL was responsible for the project as a general supplier and contractor of planning, engineering, purchasing and procurement of:

  • Automatic lairage
  • Pig slaughter line with de-hiding
  • Pig cutting/de-boning line
  • Cattle slaughter line
  • Cattle cutting/de-boning equipment
  • Evisceration equipment
  • Automatic hide/offal transport system
  • Blood treatment system
  • CIM system


Meat Land Corporation, Japan